10 April 2009

Power calibration errors on the Sony DVD/CD writer

I am getting a lot of power calibration errors on my Sony DVD/CD writer. Terrible. Lots of mis-writes, errors and destroyed discs. I need to pick up a new writer. Any recommendations? Any ideas? Anyone?


Anonymous said...

Get external ones if you can.. don't really cost alot more and you don't have to mess around with internal cabling.. just USB 2.0.

I have LG and Freecom.. both are good and can burn at 16x with good media i.e. Verbatim SuperAZO.

Trebuchet said...

Get a MAC. *grin*

dmarks said...

I thought that Sony was the best... oh well.

Don't get a Mac. You are extremely limited in options on that one (hardware add-ons and drivers, etc) and hardly any programs run on it. And the machines themselves tend to cost twice as much as comparable PCs and even then are missing hardware that cheap PCs even come with.