09 February 2010


Terence was swift in seizing opportunities.

Given the power of the card that I was holding, it was to no avail in the second game.

I would like to play 'Metropolys' again. Somehow, some of the cards had to be adjusted. Ideas?

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Sue Lin said...

wow! Looks interesting. I've never seen or heard of that game before!

Lately, the trend among my firends is Monopoly cards, played it over Chinese New Year, i just bought a deck!

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Monopoly cards! I was sipping a drink and drawing at Spinelli's on Saturday when I saw three people at a neighbouring table playing it. How is it? You like it? Fun?

Sue Lin, I would also recommend 'Modern Art', 'Santiago', 'Carcassonne','Mamma Mia' and '6 Nimmt!'