24 May 2010

Changi Naval Base

The Changi naval base is currently the larger of Singapore's two naval bases with the Tuas naval base being the smaller one. The Empire docks and the Sembawang naval base of the Royal Navy built by the colonial administration in the nineteen thirties are now shipyards.

There are two vessels on some form of dry dock in the first Google Earth image. There is a submarine on dry land. What submarine is that? The RSS Archer or the RSS Challenger class?

In the second image, there are two RSS Endurance class Landing Ship Tanks (LST) moored on the left. On the top, there are two RSS Victory class missile corvettes and one RSS Formidable class frigate.

The third image shows four RSS Victory class missile corvettes, four RSS Formidable class frigates, essentially, the whole of the first fortilla. I can't tell what the two vessels on the lower righthand corner is.

The entire Changi naval base with sheltered piers, large enough to accommdate American super carriers. There is a specific intent to accommodate Singapore's American ally.

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