01 May 2010

Sunny Bookshop

After over twenty years, Sunny Bookshop is shifting to Plaza Singapura. The bookstore has literally been an institution in Far East Plaza for two generations of people, especially the readers of romance novels.

In its heydays, before the advent of Borders and the large Kinokuniya, the place was, well, thriving to say the least. Today, the selection on the shelves, at least in my opinion, is somewhat depleted. The arrivial of new volumes? Slowed. There is a sense of stagnation here. Decay perhaps.

In my opinion, there was a decent science fiction and fantasy section once. Today, the science fiction section is mostly filled military SF, with volumes by the likes of David Drake and David Weber. Oh well. It is not for me. And the fantasy section? Margaret Weis, Tracy Hickman. Argh.

I will miss this place when it finally shifts. It will shift next week.

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David Cherbonnier said...

Thanks for the news! I was devastated when I heard it was closed. Sunny's has to be the best bookshop ever. If you don't know a title or author tell them your preferences or taste and they will introduce you to the perfect match(s) and you can almost always find that special classic.