14 September 2010

Singapore 24-Hours Comics Day

Quoting JF, one of the organisers: "The 24 Hour Comics Day is a fun and creative marathon event that has taken place in many countries every year since 2004. Thousands of creators all over the globe have challenged themselves to each create 24 pages of comics in 24 hours."

Here is your chance to join this 24-hour event and let your imagination run wild! Whee!

For more details, << CLICK HERE >>.

Saturday, 2 October 2010
9:30 amBriefing + Q&A for participants
10:00 amStart time
Sunday, 3 October 2010
10:00 amEnd time
10:05 amDebriefing + photo taking
11:00 amEvent close

The venue is a classroom sponsored by School Of Thought, located at Queen Street, behind the Singapore Art Museum.

See you there!

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