01 September 2010

Which side are you on?

"On one side are those who inquire, examine, experiment, research, propose ideas and subject them to scrutiny, change their minds when shown to be wrong and live with uncertainty while placing reliance on the collective, self-critical, responsible and rigorous use of reason and observation to further the quest for knowledge.

On the other side are those who espouse a belief system or ideology which pre-packages all the answers, who have faith in it, who trust the authorities, priests and prophets, and who either think that the hows and whys of the universe are explained to satisfaction by their faith, or smugly embrace ignorance. "

A. C. Grayling


Wilfrid said...

There is no one side I am on all the time. For some scenarios, I examine. For others, I believe. Such is life I think. In fact, I am a pragmatist. I am on both sides at the same time.

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Oh no oh no Wilfrid, you are thoughtful and reasonable, I know that through electronic exchanges with you and also from reading your writing.

There is this bloated gnome that I know, a bitter loser who is utterly fanatical, he would stand on that other side with the Jimmy Swaggarts, Pat Robertsons, and others.

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Anyway, some years ago, I thought he would turn for the better but age does strange things to people, he became more bitter and angry and had taken up with his neurotic Ah Pek of a dog master who is, from what I hear, trapped in an unhappy marriage, controlled and all.

Anyway, it takes all kinds to make up society, some people grow while others retard...