27 February 2012

Of the propensity for Groupthink

You are probably wondering about the society which I live in. Well, there is a propensity often for groupthink and lynch mobs even in something that you would imagine would be very liberal as in an art society of sorts.

Would this change ever?

Quoting from a friend:

"You can't do it easily is his point. The process of changing one's belief is gradual and requires someone to be the introspective sort (not sure how you describe that sort of personality). So what one does should be to help the process not push the person further to the other side. That's why crabtree talks about reframing issues and changing behaviours which would in turn help make a person question his or her own usual consistent outlook."

Fouridine Ang

It is hard to say, there must be a will for change.

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