27 February 2012

Of lynch mobs and cronies

As Teck Loong had expressed, ' I think it's more of a failure by the group to accept differing opinions, rather than SC's personal view.'

Thus, the Dear Leader's cronies all started barking. Bow wow wow. An inability to accept other views.

Some people have just expressed their true colours. I would forgive them if I see apologies coming however, I don't think they are big men (or some being short, stumpy with an ugly personality to boot, big people). Good to see people exposed that way sometimes.

It was described that there were two sides? It was more like everyone taking ganging up and attacking one guy. 10:1 ratio or something. No, I don't yield to these kind of people, instead, I expect apologies.

Now, of course, some are going to brush it off and carry on as if nothing has happened.

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