13 March 2012

Preparations for the walk

Items to bring:
  • 2-3 litres of water, preferably 3.
  • Spare socks (just one pair extra).
  • Compass (if you have).
  • Torchlight (need not be big, not needed, only for emergencies).
  • Raincoat or brolly (I will bring both.).
  • Boots or proper walking shoes (you should wear that, if you are wearing track shoes, prepare for it to be ruined in mud).
  • Food (well, energy bear, chocolate bar, sandwich, burger, your choice, just a bit for a light lunch).
  • Toilet roll (well, usually not necessary at all, you sweat it all out).
Optional Items
  • Sketchbook + pencil/pen/paint. (I do think you will be too tired. No harm bringing.)
  • Camera.
  • Hat/cap.
  • Your socks should have no holes. Don't use unwashed new socks either.
  • You should have enough sleep the night before. 8 hours or so.
  • You should not have drunk alcohol the night before.
  • You should drink some water the night before.
  • You may want to waterproof your stuff with ziploc bags. (ie maps, etc)
  • Your footwear should be okay. Not brand new or torn.
Not bringing
  • Parang.
  • Garden shears.
  • Cyalume sticks.

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