13 March 2012

Toeing the party line

Some people I know are left-wing loonies, while others are right-wing loonies. And others are UFO, head in the clouds loonies (Let's hope they don't pull a Heaven's Gate, well, maybe, it would be good if they do.), religious loonies and more.

Well, here's a quote from someone:

"It made be possible that there is someone, somewhere in the world doing careful work in the field of climate science. But it's a little hard to believe that such a person would manage to get tenure, at least in an American university. Things could be different here, I wouldn't know. Climate science just seems like one of those fields of academia, like gender studies or education, where the culture is so insular and political that it is hard for reasonable people to rise in their profession without adopting the party line."

This is from an American conservative in a private group on Facebook. The statement reeks of conspiracies and more. Climate-change denial?

What do you think?

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