28 April 2014

The Liverpool comedy

For the last twenty-four years, the fans of Liverpool F.C. had an expectant frame of mind, believing that their team were in the running for the league title. In the immediate years after their glorious decade of titles, it was realistic as the core of a good team was there. However, that belief was delusional once a few years had passed and the core of the team had eroded. It was comedic watching the fans proclaim possibly winning the title year after year. 

Twenty-four years after Liverpool F.C. had won, the team finally had a chance of their own making and they blew it. Hilarious! It was self-wrought, possibly no title for Mr Gerrard now.

Mourinho at Chelsea had outwitted Liverpool yet again. This season has been one of the most entertaining in decades, with Liverpool seemingly denied and the obnoxious fans of Manchester United (Manure) baying for blood, resulting in the spectacular sacking of David Moyes.

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