04 May 2014

Battlefield 4 first impressions

I started on Battlefield 4 six months after its release in October last year. I started late. Most of my friends have all stopped playing.

I thought most of the people who bought the game might have stopped, leaving only the hardcore players who had had lots of practice and are very good.

I was extremely rusty and I did not know the maps. I was massacred when I played a few games on Sunday. However, I gradually began to get some kills of my own. My weapons lacked accessories but it was my gameplay that was lacking. I was never as good as the average player in the past despite my practice, I had to rely on hiding and then shooting and then hiding again. That was the only possible means for me to even the odds.

I tried a few maps and the impressions were that that it was very open, it was hard to defend any point. The graphics was alright, it could have been better, and my entry level graphics card could do so much. My mouse appeared to be ill-suited for gaming as the buttons do become stuck at points. Oh well.

The infantry models and the weapons modelling seemed to be similar to the previous incarnation, Battlefield 3, in fact, it seemed to be simplified. On the other hand, the website seemed to be much improved. One could change settings on the website itself which was wonderful.

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