02 May 2014

Titanfall first impressions

I tried Titanfall for the first time on Saturday night. I finished the tutorials. Then, I played in one game, managing two kills and a few deaths. It was fast-paced, allowing very little time for thinking. It appears to be a game of manual dexterity and hand-eye coordination. How do I play smart in a game where people are faster and more skilful? I would have to devise strategies. Right now, I know too little of the game system and maps as to be able to make an assessment now.

First impressions, the mecha designs was exciting as were that of the individual pilots. The controls were straight forward but mastering the gameplay would be a challenge.

The combat is fast and furious. Even if one were in a mecha, one could get taken down in seconds. I managed to get in a titan or mecha twice in that one game. My titan was taken down in less than a minute.  Hmm..

I have only seen the one map, which is the training map. I wonder how the rest will be. There are few hiding places in that one map.

All in all, in that short game I played, it was frantic and relentless. It was fun in a certain way.

I am not sure as to how long I would play this.

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