30 October 2014

A fistful of games

I have a backlog of over three hundred unplayed computer games. I do not suppose that I would ever be playing the vast bulk of them.

I had bought a large number during the Steam sales with discounts up to 80 to 90%. Paying $2.00 or less for a game is painless. On average, I pay between $5.00 to $10.00 per game.

Over the weekend, I played a bit of Supreme Commander 2 which was a simplified game as compared to its illustrious predecessor. The gameplay was pretty much the game and the graphics likewise. It was a good game and it was satisfying after a long day at work. I had set the parameters so that the game was a short half an hour to an hour skirmish. That would be enough.

I have always felt that the Supreme Commander games could have more varied and imaginative maps. The oddly symmetrical maps, yes, it was probably for game balance, appeared sparse and bland, there was no feel nor atmosphere.

In a way, the Supreme Commander games had reminded me of an old favourite, the Total Annihilation games that I had enjoyed then. It brought back memories of the Dark Reign games as well.


I had explored Imperium Romanum and Grand Ages: Rome. The latter was apparently a sequel to the former. I had enjoyed Roman building games in the past but these two were lacking to say the least. The interface of both games was a hindrance to gameplay. I spent an hour on them.

I had also tried Tropico 3 and Tropico 4 for about half an hour and they were unsatisfying. The interface of both games were clumsy and annoying. I would soon be removing them from my computer.

I have no regret regarding the unplayed games. There is much to do and experience. Games are but a facet of life.

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