30 October 2014

Civilization V and what not

I will be removing Imperium Romanum, Grand Ages: Rome from my computer. They will not make a good expenditure of my time. There are other Roman-themed city building and empire building titles out there that are much better.

Last night, I gave Civilization V, spelt with a 'z' because it is American, a try for about two hours or so. It was not addicting but compelling in the sense that one wants to see various tasks completed only to find that it doesn't really do much, there is little payoff despite the promise of one. The game play is fundamentally not very different from the first installment which I played many years ago, likewise the subsequent ones. Overhyped and overrated. The graphics of the individual units and terrain were polished and well done, it was a pleasure to behold. I will be uninstalling this from my machine soon. I may give it a second look some time but the fact is that a simple game is too time-consuming for what it is. No thanks.

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