05 November 2008

Kodak DC-210 Digital Camera

5570 photos later, my faithful 1-megapixel, Japanese-made Kodak DC-210 digital camera has finally given way after nine years of use. This old camera, which I paid about nine hundred dollars for then, was been used for web graphics and also small images of products at work and was more than adequate for my needs.

My sister's Canon IXUS 4.0 had also died after almost 5000 shots.

Oh well, I shall be seeking a cheap digital camera of under a hundred dollars.


René said...

Best thing might be to get a good used one. 4 megapixels or so. You could e.g. have a look at the marketplace of clubsnap:

Mostly DSLRs, but also many compact cameras.

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

A used one? I was going to ask you about this. I was seeking for something under a hundred dollars if possible. One or two megapixel would be more than adequate for my needs.