31 March 2010

Chinese Warfare VI

I had seen a number of popular history volumes on the Chinese Civil Wars which had included 'detailed'* operational maps of the campaigns in bookstores in Shanghai. I had not seen English language equivalents yet. What I would like to see in English are the following:

1. An operational study of the Chinese Civil War campaigns 1948-1949.
2. A study on the transformation of the People's Liberation Army from that of one conducting guerilla operations to one conducting conventional operations and having the ability of the destruction of KMT army groups in 1949. Apparently, the lightning campaigns were something to behold.
3. A study on the KMT 'search and destroy'** offensives, the planning, the operations, the PLA's reaction, the impact on the peasantry, the
4. A study on the casualty figures of the Chinese Civil War. The study should include desertion rates, civilian casualty rates and equipment loss rate.
5. A study on the engagements between the Japanese Imperial Army and the People's Liberation Army, both perspectives.
6. A study on the political dimensions of the war including propaganda and the conduct of the combatants towards civilians.

* Up to an extent
** Of course, it wasn't known as such then.

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