16 March 2010

A day of incidents

What an eventful day. It was not pleasant at all. Firstly, the carpark attendant called the police because she claimed that the security guard scolded her with vulgarities.

Two police officers came over to the warehouse and I went to talk to them. They took down our particulars and advised peace between all parties and went off.

Then, the boss of the security firm came over. I spoke to him and the guard. It was almost resolved when, the carpark attendant's supervisor arrived aggressively. And everything flared up again. Ultimately, I had to raise my voice. Most unpleasant.

Then, there was a fight on the road outside. A man and a woman were quarrelling. She hit him and he punched her and plummeted her to the ground, on the asphalt! A crowd of forty or so people soon gathered. Traffic halted on the road. I was about to call the police and go downstairs to stop the fight when someone else from another warehouse shouted at him from the fourth floor to stop hitting the woman. It was nasty business. Minutes later, it was over. Phew.

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