03 July 2010

A god-given right

I have never liked Brazil mainly because they have always felt that they were entitled to the World Cup, a god-given right of sorts and it did not help matters when the Brazilian team had egomaniacs like Romario, Rivaldo and Ronaldo then. Yes, Brazil had played attractive football in the past, however, that sense of expectation had totally turned me off.

Another factor why I don't like Brazil, which is not Brazil's fault, is that the local journalists here are all Brazil fans and their reports were like that of fanboys gushing. I read newspapers for their impartial* reports and not sections and sections of opinions. For opinions, I can read the forum boards of Football 365, and that forum is usually a lot more witty, visceral and entertaining. It is not unlike reading the English media and their unrealistic expectations of the perennial choking English team. At least, for the Brazilians, they were installed favourites in almost every World Cup.

*As far as one can reasonably expect.


sanju said...

nice ha

Anonymous said...

Brazil ... nahhhh ... don't like them except the 1982 team.


Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Is that the team with Zico and Socrates or something? My memory isn't working on a Saturday morning. I'm at work. Boo.