10 July 2010

The World Cup Final

I am actually indifferent as to who will win the World Cup. I like both teams, Spain and the Netherlands. Both of the teams have not ever won the World Cup before, hence, it is a romance of sorts, a new World Cup winner.

It does seem that Spain has an edge according to most pundits.

2:30 am. Unearthly hour. I will not be staying up. I will need to work on Monday. What about you?


Anonymous said...

According to Paul the psychic octopus he predicts Spain will win the world cup but like you I do not mind who wins it so long as they have never won a World Cup before. Good to see Brazil out of the chase ... ahhahahah ...


Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Hahaha, it is indeed good to see the cheating Brazilians out.

Yep yep, it's a nice change to see someone new lift the World Cup. Besides, the Dutch and Spanish teams are good teams, playing skilful football.

Yes, I read about Paul and I was laughing! He's better than the Straits Times pundit who got EVERYTHING wrong so far.

Now, he has followed Paul and said that Spain will win.