22 May 2012

Battlefield 3 news

If I can, I try to maintain a 7:1 kill ratio. Ambitious? I know. I'm trying to improve my K/D ratio. The best result last night was only a 6:1. Most of the others were 1:1, 2:1 or so. A lot of bad luck last night. In addition, some of my positioning was poor and I was not alert enough.

Most of the time, I was engaged in close quarter combat, hence, my use of the P90 and hand grenades. I am tempted to use the UMP-45 which had been accurate and lethal for me. My nemesis? M26 and shotgun users.


The teams I join were really poor. I wasn't good enough to really influence events though I was in mostly close quarter combat. Look at the number of times I joined the losing side. The losing side was hapless to say the least.

Many people were attempting to switch teams throughout the game. Each time, my side ended up pinned to a corner and was thumped through and through. I was able to salvage a 1:1 or 2:1 ratio in those circumstances through staying mostly in ambush positions.

I managed to get my fourth P90 star and also my first M18 Claymore star last night.

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