14 May 2012

Wheeeeeeeeeee! Manchester United got nothing!

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Manure (Manchester United) got nothing this season! Wonderful! Hahaha. 89 points and nothing.

Haha. I was playing Battlefield 3 last night. And I did check the results from time to time. When my last Battlefield 3 game ended, I checked at the 79th minute and City was going down 1-2. I thought it was over. I went to hug Mimi and read. This morning, it was an utter surprise to say the least.

Later this morning, once I have cleared up urgent matters at work, I will go check every single British paper online and also footpage pages! I want to savour every single account!

This is simply wonderful!

I remember when Manure was given 6-7 minutes for that Owen goal against City some years ago.

That's definitely payback. Thanks Gerald, for that video of Sir Red Nose's fac


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