26 November 2012

Of an award in excellence and products

A lady named Kelly called to say that the company I worked at has won an excellence award in service and product award. And she went on to say that it was endorsed by the government and that the prizes would be given by the MP. She could barely speak English, speaking in some sort of horrid Singlish crap. Then, I asked why was the company giving this award? She said she would send email about it.

I wanted to know where can I find out about it and she she would send email about it and come over for an interview. There would be an awards dinner at the Marina Bay Sands and that two places would be allocated. I asked how much was it. She did not say and went on and on about the prize that is an A3 certificate, etc. I asked again, she finally said, 4.5K. Wow! I said I was not interested and she hung up with a thank you.

Wait a minute, what happened to that award? I guess suddenly the excellence in service is gone when I am not interested in paying 4.5K? Wow, 4.5K for the A3 piece of certificate?

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