02 November 2012

The state of the art

I am out of touch with the current state of the art when it comes to military affairs. A few weeks ago, Jerry had shown me helmets and other technological marvels from current fighter aircraft. I had known of some of these helmet-mounted technologies but I had only known of them being deployed on Russian and Israeli fighters. Now, they exist on American ones.

So, last week, when I was at the Star Vista mall and the home of the New Creation Church at Buona Vista, I bought a stack of military magazines from an Allscript store. I had previously wanted to read at the library but some of these were not available.

The magazines that I bought were Combat & Survival, Air Forces Monthly, Combat Aircraft Monthly, Special Weapons and Air International.

I bought Military Machines International after I visited Wilson at Epic Gear. The news stand vendor told me that sales had fallen greatly and they were in danger of closing.

I will read the magazines and see if they can be of use as references.

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