11 July 2017

I was telling Wilfrid earlier that I had managed to optimise my other two builds further and pushed them further.

Trag'Oul set build - GR55
Pestilence set build - GR60

I think I have pushed them as far as I can at this point, maybe there is a bit more potential to be squeezed out of them, I will see. They are viable builds though the Inarius set build edges them out a bit. As it stands, I have the other two at:

Inarius set build - GR65
Rathma set build - GR60

I will see if I can push my Rathma further, as it stands, the Rathma set build has weapons with poor damage, likewise, the Inarius set build can be improved with ancient legendary or weapons with better damage. I am simply not dealing enough damage.

Yes, I know all the top players are using the Inarius set, reaching over GR100 and there are some using Rathma set which has hit GR95 at least.

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