04 November 2009

Dinner at Paulaner Brauhaus

Wenna, René.

James and Lyn.

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Tim said...

Wow, you have been busy here! What is that dish? Did no one have any beer at the brauhaus?

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Tim, I really haven't. I am just putting up photos that I should have put up a while back.

Well, surprisingly the German guy didn't.

I didn't because I don't like beer or alcohol. They have a good brewery at the premises here.

What beer do you drink? It seems that American beer is the laughing stock of the world, as are American cars! Heheeheh. Run away! Run away!

Tim said...

Actually, There are many excellent American Beers. Sam Adams is the gold standard of the major breweries. It is as excellent as anything I have had while travelling throughout Germany. There are a infinite number of regional microbrews that I would put up against the best European or Asian brews. I'd have to say that my favorite beer is probably Coors Banquet. When I am in Colorado I can get it when it is very fresh as the brewery is right up the road from the hotel I stay at. Only on tap, never in bottles. It truly is made with Rocky Mountain spring water and is not pastuerized or have any artificial additives. It is the ultimate beer to have with Chili or Mexican food. Miller lite is a fine beer during summer. Not overly heavy but with just enough hoppy flavor. A great thirst quencher on a hot day. Canadian Beer is excellent.I prefer LaBatt Blue. Sapporo from Japan is a great beer with sushi.
Germany's best is Spaten (I like Doppel Spaten, thier dark beer).
Hands down the best European beer is Hieniken, Hemingway's favorite brew. I am, however, on the wagon from beer until I drop ten pounds ("beer gut" is not just a cliche (:-D) )and now only have a couple of glasses of red wine on Friday and Saturday, but not during the week.
My signature drink when hob knobbing with the big boys is a double Grey Goose vodka martini, either on the rocks or staight up, dirty with three olives (pererably stuffed w/bleu cheese). Only one, though. After that it is coffee.