20 November 2009

Victorian Era cruisers

I am fascinated by Victorian era protected cruisers of the different classes and armoured cruisers (sometimes classified as second class battleships). I have been reading up on them. I am also interested in the sloops, gunboats and frigates that were used in colonial policing duties, trade protection and commerce raiding when it came to war. Heh. I have been reading up on them over the years. Do you have an interest in this area like I do?

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Thomo the Lost said...

They were some classic ships and many of them were the means of providing the gunboat diplomacy so popular in the 19th century. My favourite vessel of that time is the HMS Calliope - a vessel that is the stuff of legend at the famous hurricane in Samoa - so famous that Australia's poet, A.B. "Banjo" Patterson even wrote a poem about it. If you've not seen it yet, have a look at http://thomo.coldie.net/?s=calliope&submit.x=16&submit.y=13&submit=Search which has all the Calliope links in Thomo's Hole