16 April 2010

Background music

I heard Chopin's 'Mazukas' as background music in Kinokuniya last night. Wondrous. It is certainly much better than the R&B crap that one hears in Borders.

Meanwhile, the selection of books in Borders is getting worse and worse. Vampire-romance porn, the likes of Malcolm Gladwell, more Freaknonomics, and also those how to get rich books. Oh no!

The military section has shrunk from ten shelves to a miserly three shelves, now mostly filled with American triumphalist stuff like 'The Pacific'.

The history section has shrunk significantly as has the science section. Likewise, the science fiction and fantasy section are now filled with vampire-romance porn or Star Wars novels. Terrible.

The music section in Borders is now nonexistent. Borders used to have a great classical section, second only to the one in HMV. Today? Nonexistent. Likewise, the selection of music CDs used to be good, including many Metropolis Records, Projekt Records, 4AD releases. Now? It's mostly Lady Gaga and R&B. I have pretty much given up on Borders except that it is just about the only bookstore open late that I can browse at.

The only saving grace about Borders these days is that it is open till midnight on weekends. Kinokuniya needs longer operating hours. It needs to open till midnight.

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