01 April 2010

An Open Letter to DuneMUD

An letter to all DuneMUD players by Dan aka Paradox expresses his thoughts on the game.

Here are a few quotes:

"It blows my mind that the goal of half of the playerbase when engaging in PVE combat is to actually keep their enemy alive as long as possible."

"Most of the issues are a result of horrible decisions made by other people long before Mreh, Clutch or myself had the ability to stop them."

"The oft raised issue of “balance“ is hilariously oversimplified by players with no real insight into the mechanics of things. Consider for a moment that Dune was created in 1993, and since that time has been staffed by volunteers of varying age, skill, nationality, and goals. "

"Presently exactly one person has a shell account: Mreh. It is also a non-root shell account. What this means is that we can’t easily do anything especially advanced. I can’t search the mudlib (thousands and thousands of files) for where old code is used or not used. We can’t set up test instances of the MUD or upgrade the driver easily."

and the most important bit:

"There are more issues, there are likely more fixes. All of them require tough chocies. All of them require a metric fuckload of boring work."

Is DuneMUD on the threshold? Possibly. I have not played for a few years. The DuneMUD that I know somewhat and even then not well is that of the mid-nineties. Even then, my knowledge of that game is limited. It will take me a while to pen my thoughts. Dan has raised important issues. I do not know as to the audience and if there will be any replies to his thoughts.

*Yes, the fonts in this post are messed up. I cut and pasted the quotations. It is not worth the time doing something about.

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