25 September 2008

Annoying cold calls from the faceless representatives of Standard Chartered Bank

I have received a lot of cold calls offering credit cards from Standard Chartered Bank over the last two years or so. At its peak, I was receiving on average three to four cold calls from Standard Chartered Bank a month. Recently, it has dropped to two or so a month.

A typical conversation would start like this:

Irritant from Standard Chartered Bank: 'Hello, good morning Mr.Chuang, I am Miss Irritant 23 from Standard Chartered Bank.'

Me: 'Thank you, I am not interested.'

Irritant from Standard Chartered Bank: 'Thank you'.

Me: 'Thanks'.

Call ends. Fast and efficient. Why bother with listening through their standard, scripted, robotic sales pitch?

Once, I had asked them why was it when they knew that I was not interested, they had continued calling. The girl on the line told me that the intrusive callers belong to several persistent companies engaged by Standard Chartered Bank to persist in this line of irritating potential clients and customers. Asking one company to remove my contact from the list would not work at all. As for asking the bank, who will you call?

I wonder if my name will ever be removed from their list? As for goodwill, I can just see Standard Chartered Bank losing goodwill by the truckloads from this hard sell. Maybe, it is yielding results and the bank just don't care. Oh well. Intrusive calls on my mobile phone.

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