29 September 2008

Upper Peirce Reservoir Hike

Tony and I hiked in the nature reserve north of the Upper Peirce Reservoir on Sunday. This is the approximate route taken in our journey. The trail meandered originally and we had followed it.

The actual distance is greater than the 7.62 km recorded on Google Earth. The photos here are from Google Earth. 5076 feet (1.5 km) elevation approximately.

We made very good time in the morning. When the trails disappeared in the afternoon, we had to force our way through the difficult terrain, avoiding ravines and creeks.

Some terrain were close to impossible to traverse but we continued to force our way though.


drifand said...

Bravo, bravo! Well done, my Pathfinders :D
I wish I'd recovered in time to join you but... Perhaps Jon and I will make the same journey on our own next time?

Anonymous said...

Hey this is great! i have been busy yesterday and going off to jb today, so i'll share photos and stories later, but here i'll just say that i believe our route prior to the 'turning point' is different from that you had depicted here. remember we actually turned earlier than we thought, hit the water edge, headed east, before turning south along the edge again, then finally heading east (leaving the trails) due east for water tanks?

i'll draw one in 2 days if it sounds confusing right now :) -tony

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Thanks Kelvin!

Be warned that this one is challenging, much more so than our previous.

Tony, that would be awesome! Please amend the route. Let me know if you need the original photos without the tracks drawn in.

I am not sure as to what happened after the turning point. We did go northeast quite a bit if I recall? Yes, you are right about going due east.

James said...

hey guys, next time call me along...

you guys probably ventured east of the woodcutters trail and created a new trail. luckily no rangers.

James (Tony's friend)

Chuang Shyue Chou said...


Let's see when Tony comes back again.

We can plan another!