29 September 2008

The long road out

We were finally out. We walked along the access road that led to the protected PUB facility and the water tanks.

We were soon at the road leading to the Upper Peirce Reservoir. 3:00 pm. I had two litres of water left. Tony said he had 750 ml.

We were exhausted. Given that Tony had just stepped off the plane on a flight from Shenzhen last night, it must have been more than punishing for him. Our initial pace was punishing and he bore it all.

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Anonymous said...

yeah i had consumed about 3.5 litres by the time we got out! definitely at a faster rate than our previous outing. i was more generous with my last litre and drank about half walking to the cab.

going home at drinking another half litre of water before napping at 5pm, i woke up at midnight to find my urine still quite yellow.

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

I thought we both exercised good water discipline. We had to drink given the heat. There was the ever present risk of heat injuries there and we were heating up very fast.

It was fortunate that you reminded me about the increase in our heart beats and also heating up. And it was good that we both took much needed breaks when we were forcing our way through the ferns.

I had actually about 2.5 litres or so left when we got out. I washed my face with 0.5 litres and I didn't drink after.

Urine-wise, I was fortunately, I had drank at intervals and my urine was not yellow at any point.