29 September 2008

Chestnut Avenue

We took at taxi into Chestnut Avenue. We observed a number of joggers and mountain bikers. There were quite a number of vehicles parked along the road to the protected PUB facility.

We spoke to a mountain biker who told us that an average of two to three people got lost in this area annually.

Meeting Point 4. Our start-point. 8:46 am.

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Anonymous said...

From here we told the mountain biker we were heading to upper thompson, i think maybe being a foreigner he had no idea where that was, and told us it would take just 1 or 2 hours and we should stick to the trails!

he probably thought we had hidden motocross bikes in our backpacks -tony

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Hahaha! Yeah! I think he would be shocked if he knew.

I don't think he even knew the existence of the helipad.