31 December 2008

Rockets raining in a town in Israel

My friend's hometown is being rocketed by the Hamas. The Hamas are using the BM-21-1 rockets with a range of 40 kilometres. The rocket's flight times are too short, so shelters are useless. Two rockets just landed less than two kilometres from him. One of the rockets landed in a kindergarten while another landed in a high school. The high school had just taken the precaution of cancelling classes the day before.

My thoughts are with him right now.

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Wilfrid said...

Oh dear. I often find that Israelites are the brave one. I met some and they told me that bombs going off is just they day to day life.

Hope your friend is OK. I often wonder, why can't anyone just get rid of Hamas then? OK, I probably know why but feeling frustrated by the stalemate situation in Israel.