01 December 2008

What small arms were the Islamists wielding in Mumbai?

Today, I saw an Associated Press (AP) photo in the Straits Times of the weapons captured by the Indian authorities. They were all Heckler & Koch MP5 submachine guns. Yet, the close-circuit TV footage had showed a young man with an AK-47 or AKM and the authorities had reported of men wielding the AK series of assault rifles.

Now, what were these Islamists really wielding? The AK-series of weapons? A combination of types? Pakistan is a known licensed producer (and possible exporter) of Heckler & Koch weapons and while the weapons are not easily available to terrorists, terrorists have been known to wield them. If Heckler & Koch weapons were used, I would expect some implications as to their origins.

There is another possibility that the AP photo was mislabelled, with those weapons belonging to that of the paramilitary.

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W Loh said...

its all a conspiracy!