02 June 2010

Biased BBC

The BBC's anti-Israeli stance is showing again. The reports are one-sided and odious. I can't see any attempt at balance at all. Terrible.

The way one of the reports went on to condemn the raid on the basis of wrong tactics while seemingly blind to the fact that the terrorists on board had attacked the soldiers was disingenuous. The report is seemingly blind to the fact that these provocateurs with a huge load of activists (What were they doing there except to want to confront?) were warned before sailing and that if they had been sincere about aid, they would docked at an Israeli port and have their cargo checked before proceeding on their way.

The hypocrisy is terrible.


Anonymous said...

Read all media with a pinch of salt as they want to sell news. When it comes to Israel it's always one sided to peace the non-bacon eaters.

There were Malaysians activists (Malays) interviewed by Channel 4 too after they were detained and deported. They were clearly there to provoke tension just like they did at their own home.

They are all religiously and politically motivated ...


Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Oh yes, you spotted that! Malaysian activists on the ships. I noted the reports too.

Yes, you are right about them selling news.

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Like you said, they were there to provoke. The ships had many writers, MPs and other left-wing activists too. If they had really wanted to send aid, they would have no objection to the ship being searched and docking elsewhere. The aid will get there.