04 June 2010

Browsing at Borders

I browsed at Borders last night and sadly, the selection is limited. Borders had let its selection run down since it first opened in Singapore about twelve years ago.

I recall when the military section had about ten shelves. Today? Three or less. There are hardly any new Osprey titles now. Likewise, the history, science and other sections. Science fiction and fantasy is now filled with vampire romance porn, the modern substitute for Mills and Boons romances where hunky male vampires seduce innocent nerdy girls.

The music section is now close to nonexistent. They had brought in CDs from indie labels like Metropolis Records, Projekt Records, and more in the past. After HMV, Borders had the best classical music section then. Today, the music section is a neglected section with barely anything except for Lady Gaga and Madonna.

I do wish that Kinokuniya would have longer opening hours, say till 11 pm and lower prices. The prices there are easily the highest of any bookstore in Singapore.

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