28 June 2010

World Cup favourites

You may wonder which teams I support in the World Cup.

I usually have a list. First choice, followed by the next, and the next. My first three teams that I support?

1. Italy
2. Germany
3. Holland

Teams that I dislike intensely? One actually. Brazil. They are usually the heavy favourites. I think they will win the World Cup this time, like I had expected four years ago.


Well, I like teams with a plan, teams with organisation, thinking teams where the thinking individuals contribute to something greater over instinctive play. Thus, I see the Italians cynical and defensive play as that of, perhaps, the less gifted in terms of ball skills, finding a means against the ones with natural flair. Likewise for the Germans.

For the Dutch, I guess it is a sense of the romantic, just a hope that their system of total football will one day carry them to the pinnacle. Yes, supremely talented individuals.

Anyway, it is just a sport. A sport which makes me switch on the TV every four years.

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