11 March 2008

The Frontline Fighter*

Woo hoo! I had a wonderful time playing Frontlines: Fuel of War last night. I managed to get a few opposing players last night with a few carefully placed airstrikes. The grenade launcher was great too. Area effect kills!

Initially, I was getting blown away by snipers in the Solar Farm map. I decided to use a sniper rifle and I combined that with an airstrike role. I positioned myself near a base and defended it. I did some defensive sniping and did alright. 6:6. Later, in another map, I decided on an assault rifle and grenade launcher. With those, I engaged in close combat was able to inflict substantial damage. 11:8 or something. Heh.

I imagine that it is only a matter of time before the cheaters started appearing with their aimbots and other hacks. I remember the many cheats encountered in Counterstrike and possibly Battlefield 2. I wonder if Punkbuster in Battlefield 2 even hindered the cheaters. I wonder about Call of Duty and Battlefield 2142 as well.

A cursory search using the terms cheats and aimbots yielded the existence of a few. There is apparently an aimbot being tested for for Frontlines. I have a forlorn hope that there will be no cheats for this, that is unrealistic. I guess in no time, one will witness a lot of miraculous shooting as often seen in Battlefield 2. I guess it is best to enjoy the game while one can for now.

*Heh. The irony. You should know the reference.
** Image of a limited edition set from an online site. A few sites are apparently using this same image.

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