03 March 2008

Games Galore

I was back in the office for a short while at 2:30 pm on Sunday afternoon. There were some pressing issues that had to be settled.

Afterwards, I took a bus down to Rochor Canal Road, ran in the relentless rain to Sim Lim Square where I met Wilson.

I bought 'Frontlines: Fuel of War' collector's edition, 'Company of Heroes', 'Supreme Commander', 'Dawn of War', 'Winter Assault', 'World in Conflict', and 'Total War: Medieval II Kingdoms expansion pack'.

I would be waiting before purchasing the other games. I was looking at some old titles like 'Patrician III' and 'Port Royale II'. I was also contemplating the purchase of 'Caesar IV'. Wei Yi had indicated his interest in 'Caesar IV'. Despite some misgivings I bought 'Company of Heroes' based on Wilson's prompting, I installed it and it looked promising.

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