19 March 2008

The Village

Last night I played less than an hour. There were a few firsts for me. It was my first time playing on the Village map and my first time toting a machine gun. Still, this was a difficult small map where snipers and drone operators reign supreme. 4:4, 5:8, 5:4. I spent most of my time seizing objectives instead of killing though I got some kills with the machine gun! I tried out the machine gun seriously for the first time.

A guy noob-tubed* me three times at least. Oh dear. We are beginning to see noob-tubers.

* Noob-tubes is leetspeak for grenade launcher. Noob-tubers are kids who tote these weapons. What noobs do is that they use noob-tubes in games like Battlefield 2 for direct fire. Blast people at point blank range or short range, spoils the game. You can't use grenade launchers like that in real life, there is a minimum arming range for 35/40mm grenades or other rifle grenades. Noob-tubing renders MGs, SMGs and assault rifles pointless.


Ken Lee said...

I've heard of the noob-tube issue a number of times before, and I think it's not a valid concern.

1) If the designers of the game wanted it to be any way else, they would have programmed it differently. Meaning the way it's being used is the way it is meant to be used in the game.

2) Skilled players should be able to circumvent this problem through tactics and ingenious play. If "skilled" players are being neutralised, then those "skilled" players aren't using their brains on how to circumvent the problem.

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Well, there are many exploits that were later changed in games including World of Warcraft.

For this one, one can noob-tube even at point blank. I went to do a bit of noob-tubing, well, suddenly, other weapons become unnecessary. Yes, it does remove the need for weapons like shotguns, SMGs, LMGs, etc.

Many servers have now removed the assault rifle which came with a noob-tube. Guess why?

It is a real problem.

Have you ever experienced it? No reaction times. Instantaneous boom. Kill.