24 March 2008

ST Kinetics Compact Personal Weapon

Calibre: 9mm (Options for other calibre too)
Length: 350mm (500 mm extended)
Barrel: 180mm (7")
Mounting: 2 sets of Picatinny Rails
Weight: 1.5 kg, 2.5 kg (fully loaded)
Operating features: Semi and auto
Method of Operation: Delayed blowback
Rate of Fire (RoF): 900 - 1100 rpm
Maximum effective range: 100 m with 1 in 250 mm rifling barrel

ST Kinetics' entry into the PDW market. I wonder how many armies and paramilitary forces have adopted Personal Defence Weapons (PDW) such as the Heckler and Koch MP7 and FN P90 PDW?

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