02 May 2008

I have heard the new chart-topping granny Madge single '4 Minutes'. Urm, it doesn't work for me. I can't speak for the rest of 'Hard Candy' though. The bits and pieces that I have heard is, well, rather bland.

I like the new Portishead 'Third'. 'Machine Gun', at least in my impression, is slightly reminiscent of
Scott Walker's 'Tilt' due to the explosive use of percussion. Interesting!


V said...

I have yet to hear both Madge and Portishead. I'm really interested in Portishead though - been a long time since their last. Also, watch out for the new Ladytron. From what I've heard so far, it's fantastic stuff! (out in June).

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Do let me know when you hear the new Portishead album. I would love to know your opinions.

Yes! I am waiting eagerly for the new Ladytron release.

I haven't seen the new Hooverphonic release around or anywhere. Have you seen it?