17 May 2008

New Music

Woo! Yes! A package arrived yesterday!

The following CDs were in the package:

Negative Format - Gradients
Seabound - Come Forward: Live in Berlin
Angels & Agony - Unison
Angels & Agony - Eternity
De/Vision- Noob
De/Vision - Da-Mals Limited Edition
De/Vision - The Best of De/Vision Limited Edition

Some of these were released a year or two earlier but I had decided to wait. De/Vision is a long-lived German synthpop band with excellent singles like 'Dress me when I bleed' and 'Drifting Sideways'. De/Vision's new album 'Noob' should be interesting. De/Vision had started with a late eighties Depeche Mode sound initially but had evolved over the years. De/Vision had been experimenting in recent years with some efforts being stellar and others mediocre. I am curious to the direction they had taken this time.

'Da-Mals' is an album of early demos, their formative years. The De/Vision compilation seemed to be the least interesting of the lot with a collection of singles from a few of their later albums. I wonder when De/Vision will release a singles collection, if ever.*

Negative Format's new one! 'Gradients'! I can't wait to listen to it. The last one, 'Moving past the Boundaries' was splendid. Seabound's live collection should be interesting but the choice of tracks has me somewhat puzzled.

Angels & Agony is a Dutch futurepop band. The sound of Angels & Agony has been compared to VNV Nation. One of their earlier efforts was actually produced by Ronan Harris of VNV Nation, thus. Still, their brand of stirring ebm/futurepop is much more uniform than the highs and lows of VNV Nation. I have the 'Darkness' single and 'Avatar' album. I am wondering if I should secure the limited edition of 'Unison' and their other singles like 'Forever' and 'Salvation'.

I am still awaiting for the following two CDs:

Erasure - Stormchaser
Camouflage - Archive 01

I wish VNV Nation would release singles.

*I think it is not likely now since De/Vision went through a few record labels including majors like WEA and Sony/BMG.


Anonymous said...

Before I hear more groans, I DID TELL SC NOT TO LISTEN TO CRAP MUSIC! Honest. I tried to educate him about the Dave Matthews Band, but he refuses to listen to reason.

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Oh no! Kuoby has issued more proclamations from his kuohole! Run away! Run away!