24 May 2008

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

I watched the highly-hyped instalment of Indiana Jones last night at GV Grand at Great World City. Well... 6/10.*

A tired franchise with self-congratulatory folks. However, I believe what they are selling here is nostalgia. And nostalgia with self-referential humour and large doses of sentimentality will sell, meaning that this will be a huge commercial success. The Spielberg and Lucas mafia are clearly banking on that.

There were computer-generated graphics used of course but a lot of the stunts were actually the same old tired jump out of the truck/amphibious vehicle/4X4 vehicle fights that we have seen before. The model builders were extremely busy in this one.

Ford is obviously not able to match his previous physical endeavours. His stunt double was, of course, very predominant!

Oh, there were Thompson SMGs and AK-47s of course. For reference, my ratings of the current and previous ones were:

Raiders of the Lost Ark - 7/10
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom - 4/10
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade - 4/10
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - 6/10

Again, those are my ratings. Yours will, of course, differ.

I think if you like conspiracy theories, you will like this one.Flying saucers, alien autopsies, Peruvian formations, El Dorado, Cities of Gold, lost civilisations, government conspiracies, KGB, pyschic research. That sort of fringe conspiracy stuff!Even the atomic bomb in a Cold War paranoid setting!

The movie was great fun. Pure escapism.

*Previously, I was hesitant when it came to a quantitative rating. Well, I have changed my mind.


Wilfrid said...

Hey, thanks for the review. I am actually not that keen on Indiana franchie but my Movie Review Squad they both love it.

Looks like I will *have to* watch it next week ... ha ha ha.

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

What a coincidence! I wasn't very keen either. I was invited to watch this on Thursday night but I declined.

I had free tickets to this morning. Heheh. He's old.

Anyway, it's VERY self-indulgent escapism. More of something for children. That's what I thought.