11 May 2008

I played 'Red Orchestra' and 'Team Fortress 2' with Brian and Willie at the basement gaming centre at the Bugis Junction last night. We thought 'Red Orchestra' had a high learning curve. I like it for its realism. 'Team Fortress 2' was difficult. I never did get the hang of it while Willie and Brian did.


Wilfrid said...

Oh my, I so wanna try Team Fortress!

In fact I am very tempted by the Orange Box. But knowing how I suck in FPS, I think I would only enjoy Portal.

So, I may as well just buy Portal, right?

TF graphic is so cartonish ... I like!

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Did you eventually get down to playing Team Fortress?

I'm quite lousy at it to be frank.

Did you also get Portal? I didn't.

I like the cartoony graphics of Team Fortress too!