13 January 2009

The bank did not do anything

I called up Standard Chartered Bank and informed them of another sales call. After checking my particulars, the officer at the other end said that they would look into it.

I said I had called before on the 12th of December last year. She said it was lodged in their system but no one did anything. I told them that I expect an apology letter from Standard Chartered Bank over the calls. I was told to expect a call from their management.

I had also asked if I could get a guarantee that there would be no further calls. The only reply I received was that they would look into it.


Darkspore said...

The banks and credit card companies are so hard up for customers they will do anything. To make matters worse, they contract third-parties or sell their customer information, which is why they dare not commit that you will not receive further calls.

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Yes, you are right about them wanting customers desperately.

And you are right about certain organisations selling their lists. I think contact information is also harvested through lucky draws, warranty cards and more. It's sad.

You are right about them not committing because lists have often been sold.