22 January 2009

On the motivation of working for something

In a recent online conversation on a post about how poorly Google paid their employees and the response from the top Google management was that working for Google wasn't about money*, Z. recounted an incident where he was asked to review some code for free as 'training' for a nonexistent and prospective job. In Z.'s own words:

"Funny how these rich men think that we, the poorer people, willing to make them richer just with them giving us words of encouragement..."

That reminded me of an incident some years ago where this person had just lost a needed person in his personal project. Well, he positioned it to me in an off-putting way, 'How would you like to work for ME?' with an emphasis on the 'ME' bit, positioning it as if it were a privilege to work for him. Knowing the uncertain payoff  which equated to being almost zero, the impossibility of working with and for him mainly due to his slowness of pace, his indecisiveness and his lack of creativity, I politely told him, that I was busy and had many things on my plate then, which was true. Paraphrasing Z., I think it is funny how these self-important people with a personal mission think that we are willing to support their self-indulgent goals with them just being themselves!

*According to that posted item in Facebook, this was 'rich' coming from the billionaires in Google. Yes, this free blogger service is from the billionaires in Google.

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