13 January 2009

New order

I placed an order at A Different Drum for these CDs:

The Azoic - Re-Illumination / The Remixes

Elegant Machinery - A soft exchange

Elegant Machinery - Feel the Silence

Elegant Machinery - Move

Imperative Reaction - Minus All

Kiethevez - Non-Binary

Rotersand - I cry

Ashbury Heights - Morningstar in a black car

Ashbury Heights - Three cheers for the newly deads

I am looking at Cesium 137's 'Proof of Life', Informatik's 'Beyond' and Seabound's 'When Black beats Blue' in the next order. I wonder about Funker Vogt's 'White Trash K-17'. Heh.

1 comment:

Wilfrid said...

When I first read your subject, I thought New Order, the band, is coming up with a new album :)