03 April 2008

At the Frontlines

I have been playing Frontlines for the last few weeks and it is great! I once cleared a position in the Village map with a sniper rifle. 9 kills at least. One kill after another!

In the Roundabout map last night, I got over 10 kills with a mini-gun drone. There was one night, I placed the mini-gun drone on top of a building and dominated a position with over 10 kills.

In the Solar map last night, I got 2 kills with a pistol, 2 with landmines, 4 with the sniper rifle, 2 with the rocket launcher. 10:8. Heh. Funny! Pistol kills!

Meanwhile, I am learning to fly the helicopters.


Ole' Wolvie said...

I still like my grindfest, so...

I tried out Cabal Online on my laptop.

I would say it is like an improved version of Diablo II. Pretty fun to while away time while I am looking for a group in FFXI :D

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

I am tempted to try CabelSEA online. How do you like it? Long term prospects? Any?

You are playing FFXI? Is it only on console?

Ole' Wolvie said...

FFXI is available on PC. I have been playing on PC all this time.

Recently they also have "starter pack" that has all the expansions in it. Not sure if it is available in SG.

As for CabalSEA, put it this way: If you like Diablo 2, this is a souped up version. Graphics and battle skills are pretty impressive for a free game and I like their "Combo" concept.

Storyline is soso, and the starting maps are small (I heard there's bigger area accessible after lv 50, but I'm still 40 so...)

Community: so far, juvenile... but hey, I treat it as a 1 player game, so no loss there. Filter out the main chat, solves the problem.

Go veoh, search for cabal online. there's an impressive clip of a level 16x Japanese clearing a dungeon.

I play on Mars server by the way.